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Tutorial: How to sew a hidden button stand for the Melissa dress

I'm super excited to welcome a special guest to the Muse blog today - Yuki, the talented designer behind indie pattern label Waffle Patterns, is here with a tutorial on how to make a hidden button stand for the Melissa dress! With her Waffle Patterns label, Yuki blends together European and Japanese style and vintage inspiration to create unique and fun patterns. (I'm especially a fan of her coats - check out the pockets on the Pepernoot coat!) Yuki made the Muse Melissa pattern up as a coat dress by lining it and lengthening the sleeves. She also changed the button placket into a hidden one, with a fold of fabric over the top. (I may have to copy her - I...

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Tutorial - how to use the layers option on a print-at-home pattern

Do you have a print-at-home pattern that has the 'layers' function? Are you a bit unsure about how it all works? Here's a quick guide on how to use layers! Firstly, what is this 'layers' thing, and why should you be interested? Layers in a pattern are a way to pick and choose which size you want to print. Each size is printed on a different layer in the pdf file, and you can then choose which layers to show and which to hide. Then, when you go to print your pattern, only the visible layers are printed. In other words - if you're going to make up a size 42 (or any other size), you can choose to print only...

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Tutorial - turning the Jenna cardi pattern into a tshirt or pullover

A couple of you have asked about turning the Jenna cardi pattern into a tshirt. Today, I'm going to show you how! First up, gather your supplies. You'll need: The Jenna cardi pattern (in particular, the following pieces: front, back, front shoulder yoke (if making variation B), sleeve, neck band, cuff band if making the long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve variation, and hem band for the length you're wanting to make) Fabric and things to cut it with Tailors chalk Measuring tape or ruler If making a tshirt using variation B, you'll also need scissors (for cutting paper with) and sellotape If you're making a tshirt - go down one size Since the Jenna cardi is designed to be worn...

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