Jenna cardi expansion pack

$3.00 USD

The Jenna cardi expansion pack is designed to complement the Jenna cardi pattern. It gives you two new neckline options for your Jenna - a classic vee neckline, or a narrow Peter Pan collar.

Like vee necklines? This pack contains all you need to make your Jenna cardigan with a vee neckline. New front bodice pieces are included for both the plain-shouldered Jenna, and the shoulder yokes variation. All-in-one button and neck bands (and interfacing templates!) are included for both waist length and hip length styles

Want to add a touch of 1950’s retro to your Jenna? Add a collar! A narrow Peter Pan style collar frames the neckline and gives plenty of options for mixing and matching fabrics to make a cardigan anywhere from casual to glam. Add a lace collar for a sweet vintage touch. Or a faux fur collar for extra cosiness in winter. You could even play around with beading or embroidery. Pattern pieces are included for the collar, and button bands for both waist and hip length Jenna variations.


The Jenna cardi expansion pack is a print-at-home PDF pattern, delivered straight away to your inbox on purchase. (Please note that the pattern file is a .zip format and will need to be opened on a laptop or desktop. Smartphones and tablets are unable to open .zip files.) 

The pattern pieces for the vee neck and collar variations have been laid out so you can choose to print only the style you wish to make.

The Jenna cardi expansion pack comes with a layers feature, making it easy for you to print the size (or sizes) you want. (You can find a tutorial on how to use the layers feature here.)

Please note that this is not a complete pattern - you will need to use it with the Jenna cardi pattern.


The Jenna expansion pack comes in the same size range as the Jenna cardigan - Muse sizing 32 - 48, which correspond to bust sizes 32" - 48". (See the sizing chart for more details.)

Suggested fabrics

Choose your fabric based on the fabric suggestions for the Jenna cardigan.

Knit or woven fabrics will work for the collar - use your imagination! (Just make sure the weight of your
collar fabric isn’t too heavy for your main Jenna fabric. Heavier fabrics such as faux fur will need to
be paired with a Jenna in a heavier knit.)

When making the collar variation, you will also need bias binding to finish the neckline.