Gillian Dress - dress variation, front close-up
Gillian Dress - dress variation, front
Gillian Dress - dress variation, back
Gillian Dress - top variation, front
Gillian Dress - top variation, back
Gillian Dress - top variation, back
Gillian wrap dress
Gillian wrap dress

Gillian wrap dress

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Gillian is a wrap-around dress, top or skirt, made up in knit fabric. With its vee neckline and yoke details, Gillian has subtle design elements reminiscent of the 1970's (the decade best known for wrap dresses) and the 1940's, while remaining modern in cut and overall look.

Make up the Gillian dress or top in a soft merino blend with long sleeves for a cozy winter garment, or in the shorter length with short sleeves in a lightweight cotton knit for summer. Use a heavy knit for the skirt for winter wear with boots and tights, or go for a lightweight knit for a garment you can throw on at the beach. Gillian is great for all seasons!

For a bit of extra fun, why not use a contrasting fabric for the bands and yokes? Mix and match colours, prints and textures for a garment that’s really unique to you.


Gillian is a PDF pattern with both print-at-home and print-at-copyshop options, delivered straight away to your inbox on purchase. (Please note that the pattern file is a .zip format and will need to be opened on a laptop or desktop. Smartphones and tablets are unable to open .zip files.)


Gillian is in Muse sizing 30 - 48, which correspond to bust sizes 30" - 48". (See the sizing chart for more details.)

Suggested fabrics

Stable light-medium weight jersey/knit fabrics, such as merino wool, wool or acrylic blends, cotton knit, cotton blends, or synthetic blends.

Because of the gathering detail on the front and back bodice, it may be a little bit tricky to match obvious stripes at the side seams of the dress and top.



Fabric requirements

Fabric requirements are listed for the longest sleeve and skirt length variations and are based on size 48 for the top, and both size 44 and size 48 for the skirt and dress. This is due to the width of the front skirt pattern piece - the pattern needs to be cut on a single layer of fabric for sizes 46 and 48 in the skirt and dress, which gives a different fabric length requirement.

Due to the width of the neckband, the top and dress fit best on a 55” / 140cm wide fabric.


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