Mix and match with new sleeve designs April 22 2015 6 Comments

Here at Muse, we love to make patterns as versatile as possible. Giving you lots of options so there are several ways to make each design, meaning you can pick the elements that you like best and get the most value from your patterns by making them multiple times in multiple different ways. 

Since we love versatility, here's a new idea we've been playing with - mini pattern packs to mix-and-match with existing patterns!

This is the first mini pattern pack - a set of sleeve designs that can work with any of the Muse knit patterns with set-in sleeves. (Currently they'll work with the Jenna, Natalie and Gillian patterns. They'll work with other patterns we release in the future as well.) With four sleeve styles (including three brand new ones) you can mix and match to create many more looks from your Muse patterns.

Style one is a sweet, vintage-inspired petal sleeve. With a curved hem and an overlap at the top of the sleeve cap, it adds a summery touch. 

Style two has a gently gathered sleeve cap, and options for short, 3/4 or long sleeve length with a classic narrow sleeve. 

Style three is a fun and feminine flutter sleeve. With soft folds and a narrow or rolled hem, it's great fun to wear.

Style four is the classic narrow sleeve found in the Gillian and Natalie patterns. It has three length options - short, 3/4 or long.

Wondering how to use them? Why not make a Natalie top with flutter sleeves? Or a Gillian dress with a gathered sleeve? The Jenna would look cute in a light weight knit and a petal sleeve for a cardigan for spring and summer. Or if you prefer classic knit sleeves (rather than the straight sleeve design that comes with the Jenna) you can use the narrow sleeve. Play around and find combinations that work for you! 

(Curious what we paired the sample sleeves with? The first three tops are made using the Jenna pattern, and our tutorial for turning the Jenna cardi into a tshirt or pullover. The fourth is the Natalie.)

You can buy the knit sleeve pack now, for only $3 for the set of four sleeve designs! Plus for the first week the knit sleeve pack is on sale (from now until midnight on 29 April) the full sale price (less trasaction fees) will be donated to Kids Can - a charity chosen by the Muse who inspired the Jenna cardi pattern. Kids Can is a charity who provides food,clothing and basic healthcare needs to disadvantaged children.

What do you think of the idea of mini pattern packs like this? Would you use them? Should we do more? We'd love to hear what you think!